Who We Are

Who we are is in our name. Octusa Spine is derived from the Occiput to Sacrum. We specialize in bringing the latest in proven technology to your practice. Octusa Spine was created to flow seemlessly with the ever-changing market of spinal fusions. We do this by being independent and making patient care a priority over monthly quotas and bonuses. This ideology allows for a non-bias and broader array of choices for treatment to better suit the patient’s specific needs. This leads to less time in the operating room, better clinical outcomes and improved patient satisfaction. Octusa Spine has a moral interest in serving the patient and exists to educate and introduce your practice to the best surgical products available on the market.

Octusa Spine was born from an incredible passion for delivering cutting-edge technology within the world of fusion surgery. Performing to the highest standards of quality and demonstrating integrity within every aspect of our business is what Octusa Spine is truly about.